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Testing SMTP using Telnet

12/11/2009 15:41

Use the following to test SMTP functionality of your Email server:


Open command window

Start a telnet session to the Exchange server to test:

telnet exchange01 25

You should get a response like:

220 site.contoso.com Microsoft Exchange Internet Mail Connector

Type the following command:


If everything is ok you should get the following response:

250 OK

Now type in the email address you are we sending from:

MAIL FROM: Admin@test.com

You should receive:

250 OK - MAIL FROM Admin@test.com

Now enter the recipients email address:

RCPT TO: User@Domain.Com

You should receive:
250 OK - Recipient User@Domain.Com

Now add the subject and text for the email:


You receive the following response:

354 Send data. End with CRLF.CRLF

Enter the subject for the message:

Subject: test message

Press ENTER two times. You do not receive a response from this command.

Now enter the text for the body of the email:

Test Message

Type a period (.) at the next blank line, and then press ENTER.

You receive the following response:

250 OK

Close the connection by typing the following command:


You receive the following response:

221 closing connection

- - - - - -

To request a delivery receipt to test two way communication use the following when entering the recipient:

RCPT TO: User@Site.Domain.Com notify=success,failure

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