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Removing Snapshots older than X days

27/10/2009 11:07

The script below queries virtualcenter for all snapshots and then checks if each one is older than the amount of days you specify in the command line.

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If they are older you get a confirmation as to whether to remove or not. Then it moves on to the next snapshot or ends if the last one.


# Dans Snapshot Remover
# snapremdate.ps1
# 20091027
# Version 1.5
# https://www.a2-alpha.co.uk
# Usage:
# At the Powershell commandline type ./snapremdate.ps1 30
# This will run the script from your current location attach to your vc
# And query the snapshots, if older than 30 days (or whatever you put above)
# It will ask for confirmation of removal by default but just remove the -Confirm switch
# when happy with it.
# Sets up VI snapins for powershell

Add-PSsnapin VMware.VimAutomation.Core

# Starts connection to a VC Server

$vcserver = "vCenter"
connect-VIServer $vcserver

# Title for page

"* Snapshot Remover *"
"*  a2-alpha.co.uk  *"

#Lists current open snapshots

$snap = get-vm | get-snapshot
$snap | select vm, name, created, description

#setup date variables
#current date
$cdate = get-date

#age to query (days) just for testing but the $dage could be manually set rather than through an argument on the cmdline.
#$ddage = -30

$dage = -$args[0]
$dagen = -$dage

#target date (the current date minus however many days were inputed in the command line)
$tdate = $cdate.adddays($dage)

#query date (will be from snaplist) this is just for testing
#$qdate = $cdate.adddays(-29)

# Starts going through each snapshot, then queries if older than X days and then waits for confirmation of removal

$AllVirtualMachines = Get-VM

foreach ($VirtualMachine in $AllVirtualMachines)

{$AllSnapshots=Get-Snapshot -VM $VirtualMachine
echo ""
foreach ($Snapshot in $AllSnapshots)

 {If ($Snapshot.ID -like "VirtualMachineSnapshot-*")

  {Write-Host $VirtualMachine.Name, $Snapshot.Name, $Snapshot.Description, $Snapshot.Created

If($Snapshot.Created -lt $tdate)
"The Snapshot $snapshot is older than $dagen day(s) and will be removed"
   Remove-Snapshot -snapshot $Snapshot –Confirm
"The Snapshot $Snapshot is not older than $tdate, or $dagen day(s) ago"

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