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Missing esxupdate.log file on ESXi 4

15/07/2011 13:00

On ESXi 4 the useful log file which logs events for updating the ESXi host is off by default, and there is no file for it in:


/var/log/vmware/esxupdate.log as used to be the case.


There is a VMware Knowledge Base article describing the process: KB1034329


In order to enable the logging and generate the esxupdate.log file, follow the steps below:


Enable Remote or Local Tech Support Mode (TSM)

Log in to the host as root

Run the command:

    chmod +w /etc/vmware/esxupdate/esxupdate.conf

which makes the config file writable

Open the file using vi editor:

    vi /etc/vmware/esxupdate/esxupdate.conf



Scroll down to the [log] section

Press the INSert key to allow changes

Add the following location to the file = line:




Press ESCape



and Enter to save the changes

The next time you run an update the file will be generated and be viewable. This change will persist across reboots.




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