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Execute remote commands on ESX and IBM NSeries using plink

20/04/2010 16:25

Came across this whilst trying to schedule replication throttling on an IBM NSeries unit. This works from the Windows Command line and executes remote commands on your remote unit. Using this withing a batch file running from a scheduled task.


Download PLink from the download page HERE.


Create a user on the remote box with rights or permissions to run the command you want to execute.


Then run the following command:


plink.exe admin@remote.domain.local -pw Passw0rd! "df -h"


This will run df -h on the remote server, as the user Admin and once completed, will return to the windows command line as shown below:


NOTE: The first time you connect to a machine, you will receive a warning regarding a host fingerprint key, add the key if you trust it and it won't return.

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