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Reset IP Address on an IBM DS4300 via Serial Cable

09/04/2010 12:00

    Resetting the IP addresses of a DS4300 controller when the IP address is unknown and can't be contacted through Storage Manager.


The DS4300 has a 9 pin serial interface on each controller, and requires a NULL Modem cable. The wiring for this is as follows:




Once the cable is built and attached to your machine, use PuTTy or another client to open a serial connection with the configuration shown below:

BAUD: 38400

8/1/None XON/XOFF

Once the connection is open, press CTRL-Break.

You are then asked to adjust the BAUD rate or press ESC to login.

Once ESX is pressed, the login screen appears as shown below:


The default password is infiniti or password.

After successful login, you are presented with the command prompt of ->: 

Enter ? for a list of commands, and to view the current IP address and network configuration, enter netCfgShow (it is case sensitive).

The information is then presented. To change the IP address enter netCfgSet (case sensitive).

Once changed you can connect up to storage manager and add as a Disk subsystem.

More commands can be found here: https://jeff.nieusma.com/docs/stk/_common_shell_troubleshooting_commands.html for the Engenio systems although I haven't had to use more than listed above.


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